ICOR is one of the european market leader and specialist for the development, production and distribution of EPDM & plastic encapsulation, mouldings and rubbers for cars, busses and trucks, clips, and tools for the removal and fitting of automotive glass, glass repair systems for the automotive glass industry.
Avenue Lavoisier 37

Line of business

Set up in 1989, ICOR is a "One- Stop -Shop", leader AND inovator in:

  • Development,
  • Production,
  • Distribution

Offering technical solutions in:

For all types of vehicles carrying goods and people. ICOR is also a distributor:

From the outset ICOR identified its ambitions and quickly became THE benchmark for the development and production of high quality products. ICOR is now proud to be at your service, around the world, 24 hours a day.

ICOR seeks excellence through continuous improvement in:

Whilst optimizing its prices.

This versatility has made it possible to quickly gain the confidence of:

  • The largest glazing organisations,
  • Automotive glazing distributors,
  • Automotive glazing installation groups.

At National and International levels.

ICOR is also in tune with the market and can supply you with custom products through:

From our headquarters in Belgium and our various subsidiaries, you should know that we are able to serve you in the most efficient manner.